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Innovationspreis Soziokultur (Social Culture Innovation Prize)

Since 2003 the Fonds Soziokultur (Sociocultural Fund) has been awarding the biennial “Innovationspreis Soziokultur”, endowed with EUR 10 000, to cultural/artistic initiatives, centres and clubs.

The Fonds Soziokultur decided to offer this prize as an additional motivation for the development of outstanding projects. Each prize is linked to a specific theme, which is announced in the call for grant applications.

It is thus not possible for project coordinators to submit a competition entry directly; instead they have to participate in the relevant call for grant applications and submit an application for a project which engages with the relevant theme. If the applicant is allocated a grant for that specific project, then the board of trustees can also nominate it for the Innovationspreis.

Nominated projects are monitored and evaluated particularly closely during their implementation. When all the projects have been concluded, a special prize jury selects the winner of the “Innovationspreis Soziokultur”. If necessary, the jury can also award a second and a third prize (endowed with EUR 5 000 respectively EUR 3 000) or share a prize among multiple winners.



List of nominated projects (only available in German)



Heimat (Home)
Das letzte Kleinod (The last hidden gem), Schiffdorf (1st prize)

Ruhrorter des Theaters an der Ruhr (Ruhrorter of the Theatre on the River Ruhr) Mülheim (2nd prize)
Idenwerkstatt Dorfzukunft (Future of the village ideas workshop), Bad Münder (3rd prize)

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Flucht und Flüchtlinge (Flight and refugees)  
Kunstschule Offenburg (Offenburg School of Art), Offenburg (1st prize)
Kulturbahnhof Hitzacker e.V (Hitzacker Culture Station), Hitzacker (2nd prize)
Arbeitsgemeinschaft Soziokultur (Socioculture Working Group) (, Leipzig (3rd prize)

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Kulturarbeit jenseits der Metropolen   (Cultural work outside the big cities)
Kulturkate e.V. (Culture Barn), Lübtheen (1st prize)
AsphaltVisonen e.V. (AsphaltVisions), Hattert (Shared 2nd prize)
Schloss Bröllin e.V. (Bröllin Castle), Bröllin (Shared 2nd prize)

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Inklusion (Inclusion)
Winners: (Shared main prize)
Grundschule Miriam Lundner (Miriam Lundner Primary School), Halberstadt
Kreativität Inklusive (Inclusive Creativity), Dortmund
Barner 16, Hamburg
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Kulturelle Strategien und soziale Ausgrenzung
(Cultural strategies and social exclusion)

Winners: (Shared main prize)
Hainhölzer Kulturgemeinschaft (Hainholz Cultural Community), Hannover
Hajusom e.V., Hamburg

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Spuren suchen – finden – hinterlassen (Traces - Search, find, leave)
Ländliche Akademie Krummhörn (Krummhörn Rural Academy)
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Heimat Europa (Europe - Our home) 
Winners: (Shared main prize)
artserv.net. Kultur vor Ort (Culture on the ground), Bremen
Theatertage am See (Theatre on the lake festival), Konstanz

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Neue Medien und Soziokultur (New media and socioculture)
hartware medien kunst verein (hardware media art club), Dortmund (1st prize)
Pädagogische Aktion/Spielkulur (Pedagogical action/Play culture, Munich (2nd prize)
Medienzentrum Parabol (Parabol media centre), Nuremberg (3rd prize)
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Dialog zwischen den Kulturen (Intercultural dialogue)
Farbfieber e.V. (Colour fever), Düsseldorf
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