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Our objectives

In line with its charter the Fonds Soziokultur e. V. (Sociocultural Fund) funds projects which are limited in time and function as models. They should act as role models for other sociocultural projects and institutions. The aim of socioculture is to engage with and expand both the aesthetic and communicative as well as also the social needs and capabilities of all citizens. Funding of sociocultural projects contributes to cultural equal opportunities, thus further developing the democratic culture of the Federal Republic of Germany.

In this context, objectives are to develop the cultural education of children, adolescents and adults through the communication and adoption of cultural and artistic forms of expression and to encourage and empower active participation in social life. The guiding principle for the Fonds Soziokultur’s funding practices is to strengthen innovation and continuity in the sociocultural practical field. The fund promotes self-organisation and individual responsibility in cultural work.

The budgetary resources of the Fonds Soziokultur are provided by the Beauftragte der Bundesregierung für Kultur und Medien (German Federal Government Commissioner for Culture and Media).

Article from the publication ‘25 Jahre Fonds Soziokultur’ (25 years of the Fonds Soziokultur - only available in German)
“Ziele erreicht? Förderschwerpunkte verfolgt?” (“Have the objectives been achieved? Have the funding focuses been pursued?”)


Titelseite Kultur besser fördern

    Einschätzungen und Beispiele nach 25 Jahren
    (Assessments and examples after 25 years)
    von Dr. Norbert Sievers und Franz Kröger

    Download (PDF / 1,5 MB)









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