GutAlaune - Agil und kollektiv durch sich schnell wandelnde Zeiten
Ā»GutAlaune - Agil und kollektiv durch sich schnell wandelnde ZeitenĀ« // Gut Alaune e. V.

Funding focuses

The funding focuses of the Fonds Soziokultur are intended to act as orientation points for applicants and for the bodies allocating grants. In keeping with an active funding policy, these focuses reflect the objective of promoting and further developing socioculture. The classification of an application as belonging to a specific funding focus category is not, however, an essential requirement for allocation of a grant.

Funding focuses are:

Innovative cultural projects which play an exemplary role in strengthening the importance of socioculture for the development of culture in Germany and Europe (“funding of innovation”);

Model projects which provide impulses for the development of sociocultural concepts, for example in the educational and social fields and/or represent a reaction to current problematic social and societal issues (“funding of impulses”);

Initiatives for the creation of long-term stable structures in the field of cultural work through the provision of advice, qualification, documentation and networking, generally at a supra-regional level (“funding of structures”);

Measures to promote regional, national and European collaborations in the cultural field with the objective of bundling resources and generating synergy effects (“funding of cooperation”).