»GutAlaune - Agil und kollektiv durch sich schnell wandelnde Zeiten« // GutAlaune e.V.
»GutAlaune - Agil und kollektiv durch sich schnell wandelnde Zeiten« // GutAlaune e.V.

Guidelines for the allocation of grants

The allocation of Fonds Soziokultur grants is based on the following guidelines

1. The precondition for allocation of a grant is an application which provides all the information required to make a decision. Applications can only be considered if they meet the requirements detailed in the “Applications” section. The administrative office has the task of ensuring that these requirements are met. Applicants can contact the office by telephone to ask for advice.

2. The board of trustees of the Fonds Soziokultur e.V. decides on the allocation of grants. Their decision is final. No legal appeals are possible. Applicants will be informed by administrative office the regarding the board of trustees’ decisions. No explanations will be provided for these decisions.

3. The deadlines for submitting applications are binding; they are fixed by the board of trustees and are announced in the public calls for grant applications and on the fund’s website.

4. Submission of an application
Grant applications must be submitted using the fund’s corresponding forms. These forms are available online in our login area (only available in German).
There is a specific application form for each funding programme.

The information detailed below is not mandatory for the board of trustees’ decision, however if it is not provided, then the application cannot be assessed: Information about the applicant; a description of the project; a project timeline; a costs and financial plan; information regarding the amount of funding which is being applied for.

5. Principles for allocation of grants
Fonds Soziokultur grants are allocated on the basis of a private-law contract (grant agreement). Insofar as nothing else is agreed, then the contractual parties’ rights and obligations will be in addition to, and in accordance with, the ‘Allgemeine Nebenbestimmungen für Zuwendungen zur Projektförderung’ (ANBest-P, General Auxiliary Conditions for Project Grants). The relevant current version of these conditions will be an integral part of the grant agreement. In any case of doubt, the regulations and obligations which apply to the Fonds Soziokultur as the recipient of the funding will apply similarly to the grant beneficiary.

6. Barring of a project grant
Allocation of a grant by the Fonds Soziokultur is barred if a project has already begun before the fund’s board of trustees has held its allocation meetings (e.g. fee agreements have been concluded; posters have been printed; workshops have been held or similar) and the fund has not expressly consented to the project beginning. The fund announces the relevant earliest dates on which projects can begin in its calls for grant applications.