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Allgemeine Nebenbestimmungen für Zuwendungen zur Projektförderung (General auxiliary coniditions for project grants)

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Sample costs and financial plan

The funding application includes a request for provision of a costs and financial plan (CFP).

A CFP can be submitted following approval of an application.


Click here for an example of such a plan:

Sample costs and financial plan (only available in German) (Excel spreadsheet).


Bundesreisekostengesetz und Bewirtung
(German travel costs act and entertaining)

Applicants may only be reimbursed for travel costs in accordance with the Bundesreisekostengesetz.

Important: A separate travel cost accounting must be compiled for each business trip; travel costs cannot be cumulated and included in one single accounting.

Trips abroad are subject to special regulations regarding daily and accommodation allowances Tables (ARVVwVk):

Bundesreisekostengesetz (German Federal Travel Costs Act – only available in German)


Sample travel costs form (only available in German)


Entertaining expenses for employees and other commissioned individuals (lecturers, freelancers, speakers, etc.) at team meetings, office parties or similar are not eligible for funding.

In addition to this, costs for the entertainment of guests/participants should be kept to a reasonable level and written details of the place, date and reason for entertaining plus a list of the persons who were entertained must be submitted.

The provision of food and beverages to participants is permitted; in such cases commissioned individuals may also be catered for as long as the number of participants exceeds the number of team members.

Individuals travelling on business will be allocated a daily allowance as compensation for additional costs for food and beverages.


Entertaining requirements (only available in German)



Grand Regulations


Projects which are funded within the scope of the Neustart Kultur (A new start for culture) programme will be subject to the regulations of the Vergabeordnung (German Regulation on the Awarding of Contracts) with regard to procurement of objects and services (e.g. graphics, photo/ video documentation, programming of a website, technical support, etc.).

The principles of economic efficiency and thrift are the most important basis for procurement. In addition to this, orders must, as a matter of principle, be awarded on the basis of competition.

The following threshold value will apply for the enforcement of additional regulations until 31 December 2021:

Order values from EUR 3 000.01 upwards (net): You must obtain written quotations from three suppliers which are based on a written enquiry.

Different suppliers means different companies - i.e. two different products from the same company are not classed as being two quotations. You must keep the quotations and add them to the receipts you submit together with the proof of appropriate use.

Overview of procurement regulations (only available in German) (Only valid until 31 December 2021)




Types of financing


The Fonds Soziokultur (Sociocultural Fund) has the option of providing its grants in various ways.

This often depends on whether projects have been awarded additional public funding and what financing model the relevant funding body has selected.

The percentage proportion of the grant which has been granted to the entire costs is, however, decisive for selection of the financing model.

Selection of the financing model thus always carried out on a case-by-case basis.

The financing model selected for your project will always be specified in the grant agreement.

The following list provides an overview of the implications of each financing model:

Overview of financing models (only available in German)


Form for take-up of funds


You will receive the form for take-up of funds together with the grant agreement. Since the details on the form always vary depending on the relevant financing model / terms of the grant agreement, it is not possible for us to provide a sample standard form.

If you cannot find your form, please contact the administrative office to request a new one.

Funds can be taken up by post, by fax or as a scan attached to an email.

Grants cannot be paid out unless you sign a grant agreement.