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To submit your application, please use our Submit application menu.

There you can fill out your application using the online form, save it temporarily, edit it later and submit it to the Socioculture Fund once it is complete.
There is a separate application form for each funding programme. The application forms are only ever open at set times. You can find the times under the menu item Förderung [Funding] in the respective funding programmes.

We recommend that you first write the texts in your word processing programme. Then log in and copy the respective texts into the form fields. This ensures that the texts are retained even if there is a server problem.

The following pdf files show what the subsequent application will look like for orientation purposes. They cannot be filled in, so please do not add any text there. Applications can only be submitted digitally.

So please submit your application only via the online form in the Submit application area.

PLEASE NOTE that the online form is only open at fixed time periods, namely 4 weeks before the application deadline.

U25-leaning sample: youth cultural initiatives (German)

Cultural Bridge application information (English)

Application Sample General Project Funding (English)

Application Sample Profile: Socioculture (English)