RE:VISION - The accompanying programme for the NEUSTART KULTUR (A NEW START FOR CULTURE) special programme

Re:Vision, a series of online workshops, was designed for all coordinators of projects which were granted funding within the scope of the NEUSTART KULTUR special programme. Parallel to each call for applications for the special programme and in coordination with the topic focuses of the funding rounds (AUFTAKT, Ta1, Ta2, Ta3, Ta4) a “season” comprising five “episodes” was offered. The episodes offered project coordinators the opportunity to participate in an interdisciplinary dialogue with one another and with international experts.

The objective of the workshop format was to give the project coordinators who had been awarded Fonds Soziokultur grants the opportunity to not only receive financial funding but also content-related inspiration and support. This in turn was intended to encourage participants to continue networking and stimulate them to look outside of their own areas. For the Fond Soziokultur this new area of activity also represented an opportunity to explore what additional funding and support channels it could provide and to contribute to networking the innovative sociocultural working environment, thus facilitating the transfer of knowledge and experience.

Within the course of the accompanying programme it was repeatedly confirmed that sharing experiences, networking and reflecting on process-oriented meta-topics made effective, tangible contributions to the structuring of, and work on, specific projects. The conclusions and key insights of each episode were documented in the form of comics and podcasts and it is planned that they will continue to be available as sources of inspiration for anyone who is interested. More details on the individual seasons are provided on the corresponding sub-pages.

The bilingual programme was designed and realised by Dr. Abhay Adhikari ( and Dr. Andrea Geipel ( together with their team of cooperation partners. The programme was funded within the scope of the Beauftragte der Bundesregierung für Kultur und Medien (Federal Commissioner for Culture and Media)’s NEUSTART KULTUR recovery package.