Re:Vision Season 1   -   “AUFTAKT” (LAUNCH) open-topic call for applications


Season 1 of the Re:Vision series of workshops accompanied project coordinators who had been awarded grants within the scope of the first open-topic call for applications for the NEUSTART KULTUR special programme. 84 project coordinators associated with the 224 projects approved registered to participate in the workshops. With two editions of each episode it was possible to offer a total of 10 editions, each with 42 participants.

See the programme booklet for further information on the topics and speakers. COMICS and PODCASTS present the highlights of the episodes plus the interviews which Fonds Soziokultur staff conducted with each guest speaker.

Programme booklet

Programme booklet

Monday edition


Tuesday edition




Episode 1: Reframing

with Archana Prasad (Indien)

In light of the current situation our cultural offerings must also be modified. Are all of them still relevant in a world which finds itself in a state of emergency? Our Re:Vision programme began with a group discussion among the project coordinators on new ways to structure projects and corresponding narratives.


Episode 2: Well-Being

with Andrea Siamis (Germany)

In this episode our participants asked themselves how they could help people through this time of crisis and what role they and their projects could play in this regard. They tested mindful concepts relating to working in interdisciplinary teams and collaborating on projects with new partners.


Episode 3: Engagement

with Zoe Seaton (Northern Ireland)

In this episode our participants discussed various ways to interact with their target groups. Could they integrate new online and offline participation formats into their projects? The participants tested the formats - playfully and using a range of digital experience elements.


Episode 4: Accessibility

with Ernst van der Kwast (Netherlands)

How can we better integrate people with differing sociocultural backgrounds, skills and possible limitations into our projects? And how can we organise this not as a one-off event but as an ongoing process?  Together our participants explored a range of options to promote inclusive participation.


Episode 5: Success

with Wana Udobang (Nigeria)

Our last episode dealt with the success of projects - how can we share our results and how can they be measured? An additional focus of the episode was on how varying data types can provide the freedom to evaluate projects.