Re:Vision Season 3   -   Ta2: Young Experts + Co-Production

Season 3 of the Re:Vision series of workshops accompanied project coordinators who had been awarded grants within the scope of the Ta2 topic-specific call for applications, “Young Experts + Ko-Produktion” (Young Experts + Co-Production), for the NEUSTART KULTUR special programme. 39 project coordinators associated with the 65 projects approved registered to participate in the workshops.

See the programme booklet for further information on the topics and speakers. COMICS and PODCASTS present the highlights of the episodes plus the interviews which Fonds Soziokultur staff conducted with each guest speaker.

Programme booklet

Programme booklet



Episode 1: Communities

with Isabel Cebrián (Spain)

This season began with our project coordinators exploring the concept of a community. Are we really conscious of all the different communities of young people in our towns and villages? Should we expect young people to come to us or do we have to first learn their rules of engagement? Our guest speaker Isabel Cebrián shared her experiences while running programmes for and with young people in the Spanish city of Zaragoza. Our participants discussed how to collaborate with others to come up with new ideas and how to initiate dialogues between a variety of communities.


Episode 2: Games

with Sharna Jackson (Netherlands)

Every one of us has some experience of playing games in the analogue and/or digital worlds. How can we integrate game-based principles into our creative and artistic practices to create new forms of interaction and commitment? Our guest speaker Sharna Jackson has collaborated on numerous international projects to develop cross-platform games. With her help our participants explored the ground rules for a good game and the interrelationship between games and storytelling.


Episode 3: Experiments

with Maria Teresa Natale (Iatly)

Many of us believe that young people are open to new experiences. Testing innovative ideas with them can, however, also prove a challenge. In this episode Maria Teresa Natale explained how she developed a radical new experience for young people in Rome which allowed them to explore their cultural heritage during the pandemic. Our participants learned how to set up and scale experiments and how to deal with failures, using them as an opportunity to learn.


Episode 4: Joy

with Dorothee de Place (Germany)

Our project coordinators’ aim is to provide productive experiences for young people. In this episode our guest speaker Dorothee de Place, from Hamburg, explained how she creates genuinely joyous experiences for and with a variety of communities. In this episode our participants also explored the topic of co-production, in particular its impact when it means that they have to deviate from their plans.


Episode 5: Co-Production

with Mike Murawski (USA)

To realise a genuine co-production we must learn how to share knowledge and physical spaces with young people. Who defines the rules of engagement in such cases? Mike Murawski, of Portland, Oregon, reported on his experiences with two types of such projects - those where everything went according to plan and others where there were unexpected surprises. In this episode our participants learned how to set boundaries between young people and themselves.