NEUSTART KULTUR (A NEW START FOR CULTURE) special programme - Profile: Soziokultur (Profile: Socioculture)



New call for proposals from PROFIL:SOZIOKULTUR

The successful funding programme ‘Profil: Soziokultur’ is being launched for a second time. Funding of around 4 million euros is available. This invitation to tender is made possible by the extension of the federal programme NEUSTART KULTUR [CULTURAL NEW START] of the BKM and is advertised subject to the approval of the funds for ‘Profil: Soziokultur 2’.

In the period from 01.09.2022 to 07.10.2022 (until midnight), applications for funding can be submitted online via the Applications portal of the Fonds Soziokultur [Socioculture Fund]. The projects applied for can be implemented within six months, namely from 01.01.2023 to 30.06.2023.

The Profil: Soziokultur programme is the Socioculture Fund’s response to the need to reshape the effects of the ongoing crises on the content, methods, participants, personnel and working structures of players in the sociocultural sector. Funding is provided for the development processes of non-profit institutions or organisations that deal with relevant structural and strategic issues. The aim is to support independent institutions of socioculture, cultural education and media culture work in their efforts of transformation on the basis of experience derived from the pandemic and the crisis. The development processes for which funding is applied for are to serve for the stabilisation and better anchoring of resources on the ground. In this way it is hoped that cultural participation can be ensured even in uncertain times.

What will be funded? Processes not projects!

If you would like to change, develop and future-proof your institution, then you can apply for funding for the developments you would like to make. The goals of the process should be as follows:

  • sharpening your own profile and potential for socially relevant, participatory cultural work
  • addressing socially pressing issues and tasks, and clarifying the significance / needs for the organisation, services offered, personnel and target groups
  • investigating resources and possible synergies with other institutions/partners. Possible topics could be rooms, places, materials, ideas, concepts, equipment, finances, personnel, administration etc.
  • to increase visibility and to stimulate, deepen or try out new communication and exchange of information with local or regional stakeholders, the administration and cooperation partners.
  • development of long-term financing and employment models, possibly in cooperation with the administration.

Cooperation with public bodies – in particular with cultural administration or independent collectives / initiatives – is expressly desired, with a view to the local anchoring of projects.


Who is entitled to apply for funding?
  • Independent legal entities that are recognised as non-profit organisations (a valid notice of exemption from corporation tax must be provided), i.e. non-profit registered associations (e.V.s), gGmbHs, gUGs and non-profit foundations from the fields of cultural work, socioculture, cultural education and media culture work based in Germany.
  • Organisations that have already received funding under Profil: Soziokultur are also entitled to apply. New process proposals must be applied for.


How much funding can be applied for?

At least 5,000 euros, max. 20,000 euros and no more than 90% of the total expenditure.

For example:

  • Application amount 10,000 euros – at least 11,111 euros total expenditure.
  • Application amount 20,000 euros – at least 22,222 euros total expenditure


When can I submit an application?

From 01.09 to 07.10.2022 (up to midnight) by way of the online applications portal of the Socioculture Fund.

Please be aware that each organisation is only allowed to submit one application.


When will I know whether my process has been chosen to receive support?

In mid-December 2022 the applicants will be informed by e-mail of the decision of the Board of Trustees.


Implementation period / period of funding

The funding applied for will be made available in the period from 1 January to 30 June 2023. All expenditure must take place within this six-month period. Expenditure before and after this period cannot be funded.


Information events

The Socioculture Fund is organising information events on the funding programme. Click here to register.


Other FAQs – click here for the dropdown menu

Please note that there are special guidelines for the “Profil: Soziokultur” (Profile: Socioculture) funding programme within the scope of the NEUSTART KULTUR (A NEW START FOR CULTURE) rescue and future programme.

WHAT costs are eligible for funding?

  • Costs incurred for fees
  • Personnel costs for permanent members of staff (employer’s gross costs for employees subject to social insurance contributions who are not already otherwise financed = no double financing)
  • Lump sums for voluntary work and compensation for expenses
  • Artists’ Social Security Fund (KSK)
  • Statutory social security contributions, for example for mini jobbers

Members of staff and freelancers must be resident in Germany to qualify for funding within the scope of applications for funding. The aim of the NEUSTART KULTUR (A NEW START FOR CULTURE) federal programme is to stabilise the situation of creative artists in Germany.

What costs are NOT eligible for funding?

  • Remuneration (including lump sums for voluntary work) of unsalaried members of boards of directors
  • Administrative expenditure, materials, travel and accommodation expenses, provision of food and beverages, rent, insurance (e.g. employers’ liability insurance association, business liability insurance or similar)
  • All other costs which are not listed above, such as office expenses or fees

Services for which there is no flow of money (work which is completely voluntary, fee waiver, so-called benefits-in-kind)

What do we NOT fund?

  • Artistic and cultural projects and productions
  • Preparatory and research work for projects
  • Scholarships, festivals or regular programme offerings
  • Training courses to gain technical skills (e.g. Excel software)

“Profil: Soziokultur” (Profile: Socioculture) is a funding programme which supports the further development processes of applicants. Applications for projects can therefore not be accepted.


WHAT must be included in the COSTS and FINANCIAL PLAN?

  • The cost plan may only include the above-mentioned expenditure which is eligible for funding.
  • The co-financing of 10 % cannot be provided via administrative expenditure which is not eligible for funding; all expenses must therefore be either personnel costs or costs incurred for fees.
  • The cost plan should present the total process costs, i.e. not just the costs and income which are the subject of your application to the Fonds Soziokultur.
  • The cost and financial plan may only include calculations regarding costs/ income for which there will be a subsequent verifiable flow of money.
  • Please note that the cost plan for the application will form the basis of the grant agreement if your application is successful.

HOW can CO-FINANCING be provided?

  • Co-financing (at least 10% of the total budget) can be provided from own capital; income and/or third-party financing.
  • Third-party financing means all funding/project grants received from private or public institutions (e.g. foundations, banks, regional governments, local authorities, etc.). Private donations, membership subscriptions and, for example, sales revenues should be included as own capital or own cash sums.

Co-financing from other NEUSTART KULTUR (A NEW START FOR CULTURE) programmes or other funding programmes of the Beauftragte der Bundesregierung für Kultur und Medien (BKM, Federal Commissioner for Culture and Media)) is not possible.


HOW does the selection process work?

  • All funding applications will be evaluated by the Fonds Soziokultur board of trustees after the closing date for applications (no ‘first come, first served’ principle!).
  • The selection conference will take place at the beginning of December 2022. Following this, all applicants will be informed of the outcome by email by mid-December 2022.


WHAT criteria do the jury take into consideration for their selection decisions?

  • Does the project plausibly address important issues which are fundamentally relevant for the institution respectively for the coordinator’s work and stabilisation?
  • Does the application provide a detailed presentation of the resources, partners and planned procedures which are required for efficient implementation?
  • Do the planned activities and the budget match? Is the budget reasonable, realisable and well planned?
  • Is the idea convincing and does it engage with the formulated challenges in a new way?
  • Are the teams integrated into development and raising of the profile?
  • Is the time horizon realistic?

For information purposes: Tips for tomorrow and preparation for possible approval


What must you do if your application is successful and what can you prepare in advance?

If your application is successful, then a grant agreement will be concluded with the coordinators who have been awarded a grant. The following documents must be submitted to receive this grant agreement:

  • Copy of the current charter or articles of association
  • A current, full excerpt from the register of associations or the commercial register (excerpt may be a maximum of 1 year old; excerpt dealing solely with a new entry of new board members/ managing directors will not be accepted; a full excerpt with all the names of the current board of directors/ managing directors must be provided).
  • Last notice of exemption from corporation tax.

The cost and financial plan submitted with the application will form the basis of the grant agreement. Updating of the cost plan is possible. In such cases an updated cost plan must also be submitted together with the above-mentioned documents. Failure to do so will automatically result in the cost and financial plan submitted with the application being used as the basis for the funding agreement.

The regulations of the Vergabeordnung des Bundes (German Federal Regulation on the Awarding of Contracts) must be complied with. Where services are comparable - e.g. graphic art, photo/video documentation, programming of a website, technical support, etc., - and the order value is EUR 1 000.01 or more (net), you must obtain written quotations based on a written service request from three service providers.

In the case of permanent members of staff: If a new position is created, then it must be publicly advertised (e.g. newspaper, website, newsletter) in a medium which is visible to the public for at least 2 weeks. This does not apply for members of staff who are already employed.

If you receive funding approval from the Fonds Soziokultur, then you may conclude contracts with the individuals listed in the cost plan from 15 December 2022 onwards under the condition that the service does not begin before 1 January 2023.

Re:Vision - Online accompanying programme for project coordinators

The Fonds Soziokultur provided project coordinators who were awarded grants the option to participate in the accompanying “Re:Vision” series of bilingual workshops parallel to their project work. The programme included international networking, joint reflection and the cooperative transfer of knowledge. Within the scope of 8 series comprising a total of 40 episodes, some 310 representatives of projects awarded grants came together to discuss topics with each other and with 20 international experts from four different continents.

For a summary of the conclusions reached within the scope of the accompanying programme, click here (only available in German).